„Midterm training“  / June 2023

Hello again!

Today, I will talk with you about my last volunteer training in the Germany as an ESC volunteer.

We had our midterm education with Jugendakademie Walberberg in Bonn, a city close to Cologne.

In this training we were with two very kind and smart trainers, we worked on reflecting our projects, planning about improve ourselves in our projects, and about our future plans.

We started by playing energizer games for bonding and getting to know each other.

We benefited from this positioning of the training, which it takes place in a house in nature, we enjoyed nature while walking in the forest with our partners that we changed in every 5 minutes, and talking to get to know each other.

In addition, as volunteers who came from many different projects and from many different cities, each of us had a chance to talk about our own project and to reflect our feelings and thoughts about our project.


I had the chance to meet a lot of different kind and cool people and have very nice conversations.

At the same time, I felt that we were holding a mirror to ourselves with many different games and different techniques. We touched on many problems such as conflict studies, the fights we had with our inner voice and our worries, our question marks about the future.

 If you remember, I just told you about we were in a location close to Cologne. So that, of course we explored Cologne!

While visiting Cologne’s wonderful buildings and enjoying the city’s vibe, we tasted one of the special tastes of Cologne, the local beer of Cologne. (which it was great!) Also with this great people of group I really really enjoyed!

But beside all of this, if I had to choose a highlight from these 4 wonderful days, it would be; Stations For The Future.

Because it was a seminar that gave us information and guides us on how to make a decision about our future, how we want to move forward, and what steps to take after this decision. After a magical session in which we dreamed about the future, it was a wonderful seminar where we drew a road map like what obstacles do we have to hang for reaching these dreams, what we can do to follow this dream.

This was the last training about volunteering in ESC and I believe with this training, all the questions has answered. With all of that fun, knowing good people and learning a lot, I am really greatful for having this experience.

See you in the next and last webblog!