Since the beginning, I was aiming to direct my volunteering efforts and possibly the future, towards working on the improvements of the situation of the LGBT+ community.

Recently, I have joined the local LGBTQUIAP initiative called Regenbogenbildung. They are the initiative that provides the schools with much needed trainings about topics regarding sexual and romantic orientation as well as gender identity. In order to do that, they use, so called peer-to-peer education. In practice it means that apart from explaining the labels that stands for each letter in the acronym, they share their experience with kids, so they can better understand the topic. It is way less abstract and scary that way. It also allows them to ask questions and get responses in a language that is appropriate to their age and knowledge level.

In order to become a member, I had to come to the open meeting for people who want to get involved, have an interview-like talk with one of the members and even sign a formal agreement. Additionally, me and my college Jörg, from Stadtjugering, have helped organised a meeting about gender sensitivity work with children. There, Helene, my guiding person from Regenbogenbuildung, was talking about the ways to include transgender kids while planning and running the camps like the one I participated in – Waldheim.

Another meeting I had, was at the Evangelische Hochschule in Ludwigsburg. It was directed at current students at that University. From what I was told, it was a bit different from what they normally do. Firstly, it was in English. Secondly, the people were well, just a tiny bit older then 12 (laughing emoji). It was a first workshop in which I was among the organisers. Overall, the form was the same as with kids. The main difference was the knowledge of the participants and the depth in which we could discuss the topics, including mentioning some historical facts and theoretical frameworks that would bore most kids to death.

I am not yet a full member. I need to participate in 3 days training that is happening tomorrow. After that, I need to be an observer at their typical workshop for children. Then, the glorious full membership package awaits. I’m thrilled. Even as a half member I already got some fancy Italian truffles for participation. One can only assume what do full members get xd.

What more can I say,

Happy Pride Month Everyone!