„From the very beginning I felt very welcomed by the team“  / September 2022 – August 2023

I moved to Stuttgart 3 months ago, on 10th of July 2023. I was full of hope, but at the same time quite anxious and terrified. Even though moving abroad was a big decision, everything went better that I thought. Here I want to thank the person responsible for international volunteers, Bettina Szotowski, who helped dispelled all my doubts by answering around million questioned I asked about her. I think I knew almost everything there was to know before I even got the written agreement.

During the first weeks I got the chance to learn about both the role of the whole organization that is Stadtjugendring as well as of particular departments – their tasks and responsibilities, as well as the importance of the job they are doing to promote youth policy and youth participation as well as educating about child protection. I was also introduced to the tasks I am responsible for as a volunteer.

From the very beginning I felt very welcomed by the team. We even took a trip together and got the chance to explore Bauhaus architecture – Die Weißenhofsiedlung – complex of buildings created in 1927 as a part of art exhibition, as well as visit really nice restaurant and winery. This experience gave me a chance to get to know my team better, as well as explore Stuttgart and literally look on it from a new perspective (The exhibition was on the hill so my teammates got a chance to show me and describe different regions of Stuttgart).