„JuLeiCa training“  / April 2023

Hello Leute again!

In this blog, I will talk about a training I joined in recently. Which is called Juleica.
Juleica is a leadership training for people who wants to become a youth leader in youth workcamps or children holday camps
I was planning to join a children´s holiday camp as a volunteer leader in August, to qualify myself and become a good leader I joined to this training.

It was a 6-day training and the participant’s age group was 14 to 18 high school students who wants to be leader in the future. The schedule was really, really full and also full of useful informations.

Even you won´t attend a work camp or be a leader, it still really useful information and skills you can gain with this training. So if we be more specific about the topics in training, I can give you a quick overview of the topics we tackled during the training )

  • Learning how to reflect yourself/ presenting yourself with an autobiography
  • creating stories for children with a good message and performing them as a small role play
  • Acting out situations with these two questions: What would you do? What needs to be done?
  • We learned how you can make good planning for workcamps and for children events, team building and group dynamics steps
  • Sustainably
  • We talked about the social problems such as racism and how social classes might affect the perspective of the peoples on situations
  • Praying, learning about the Christian morality and more


My personal highlight

Child protection, child development in different phases; This seminar unit was highlight for me because in this seminar we did a kind of self-reflection on our childhood’s highlights that in which period what skills and experiences we gained. After this reflection, we talked about how usually goes the child development.
I believe this seminar really helpful for understanding and learning better to different age groups differences and this makes easier to communicate with children

In this training we were learning, beside this practicing about what we learned as a team, playing, sharing our opinions and experiences about the topics. Beside only negativity (personal opinion:))) waking up really early, I can say it was maybe the most productive week for me.

I believe this seminar is not useful only for people who wants to join workcamps, it is also good for everyone who works or wants to work with children.

I am really happy that Stadtjugendring offers me that much useful and fun opportunity.  Getting the opportunity to learning and practicing especially in this important areas, was great for me.