Hello everyone for the last time!

Yes, unfortunately this is my last webblog because for some personal reasons I have to leave the project early and go back to my country.

Even though it makes me sad to go now because I feel like I have adapted right now, in the middle of everything, still I am very happy for the experiences and skills I have gained here and will take with me.

Even that, I‘m returning early, the approximately seven months I spent here gave me a lot.

I gained knowledge and experience in many subjects such as Germany’s culture, traditions and values for them,  language.

In addition, during my volunteering, I gained skills in my project and in the activities I participate in that I can use, in my professional life and in every part of my life.

I am leaving this country as a very different person from the person that I was when I first came.

The people I met, the job I worked in, the country, the activities I participated in, the places I went, everything was an unforgettable experience for me, with that experiences I accumulated wonderful memories.

When I think of the doubts and fears I thought about when I first applied for my volunteering project, now I say I’m glad I dared, because it’s definitely worth it.

If you are someone who wants to do a volunteer project and read this blog but has fears; These fears are completely understandable. A new country, a new language, a new culture, new people may scare you, you may think you cannot do it; but my advice to you is to take that step and move forward no matter what.

It will never be easy, even though my organization, mentor, and colleagues tried to make things easier for me and gave me as much help and advice as they could, it was still a very challenging process.

Especially at first, I sometimes had such hard times that I said I want to go home, I cried a lot because I felt like I couldn’t stand it.

This is normal. Believe me, it’s really normal. When I contacted other volunteers, I saw that everyone went through the same process. Everyone was having hard times in the same or similar ways at first.

That’s when I realized that I shouldn’t feel alone or weak. After this realization, communication with others like me I felt stronger and continued with stronger and more confident steps. Because I was know that it will pass away, I will grow with this challenges.

Because it is very normal to stumble in this whole adaptation and learning process. It is impossible for you to grow and develop without being challenged, truly challenged, and faced with problems.

All these experiences have grown on me. I’m not really the same person as me when I first came.

Today, all these experiences and learnings, memories, everything I have experienced here are valuable achievements that I want to take with me and remember for the rest of my life.

I am also really really greatful to Stadtjugendring Stuttgart for supporting me that much and extra effort they put into my personal development and adaptation.

I had a truly unique experience here. I hope anyone who reads this article and wants to have an experience like me can find this opportunity.

Bis bald!